Procrastination – use pro to get things done

Three important videos about procrastination.

First, a little tale! Second, what pro are!.
Third, use pro as a skill to create more satisfaction for your daily life.

keep looking don’t saddle…

and second:

10 rules for you daily aktivity.

  1. Don’t keep a schedule
  2. Work on whatever is most important or most interesting
  3. Keep three and only three lists:
    a Todo List, a Watch List, and a Later List
  4. Each night before you go to bed, prepare
    a 3×5 index card with a short list
    of 3 to 5 things that you will do the next day
  5. Structured Procrastination
  6. Strategic Incompetence
  7. Do email exactly twice a day,
    keep your email client shut and your email notifications turned off
  8. Don’t answer the phone and hide in an Ipod
  9. Start the day with a real, sit-down breakfast
  10. Only agree to new commitments when both
    your head and your heart say yes do something you love



Songtext about pro by Amy Winehouse (read more)


Markus Trapp
Markus Trapp
Der spanische Schriftsteller Eduardo Mendoza geht davon aus, daß Velázquez den größten Teil seines Lebens mit #Prokrastination verbrachte.

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