The secret of learning

What are the most important skills
you should teach a kid?

by me January 2011

Many people complain that a lot of what is taught in schools is not going to be relevant to most people in their adult lives. Regardless of how you feel about that – what about the flipside of that – what are some really important things that we should be teaching our kids, but aren’t ?

Three facts in my opinion:

  1. What the kids should learn in school is mostly negligible in the long term.

  2. What the kids should learn from their parents is mostly only  important in the short term.

  3. What the kids should learn from their friends is of invaluable  importance for the whole time of life.

Most of what the kids learn they discover by themselves and from  their best  friends.

When I think back to my teaching days, then the influence of the school was much less than the cost of the operation then to teach me.

So, my main answer is,open the space for learning but let them decide self what they discover.

This means, quite radically, we are less concerned with the children and more need to worry about the learning circumstances.

I am absolutely convinced, the stability of strong architecture is more important than the content.
Content is interchangeable, architecture is forever.

Today, I’m trying not to betray my children the secret of learning.
I try to keep the space free that my kids discover it by themselves.

I remeber by my self, the most astonished answer I get about learningwas about me and my self. At the end, my principle is – less is more.

We do not spoil the children’s appetite to learn, by bad teaching, bad books, worthless content. I call it the discovery of the spirit of learning.

My maxim as a  father :  understanding ,  forgiveness,  trust and waive.

Die 4V’s: verstehen, vertrauen, verzeihen und verzichten.

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