10 tips for the first time fathers

What are some good tips for first time fathers?

For the first and for the hole time of your father-ship
I will point out 10 aspects to recognized:

  1. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.
  2. There is no education that is free of pain.
  3. Mothers need relief, and that’s your job.
  4. Let you kids discover here world..
  5. Looking at your kids not as a friend, of a partner of you but as the best coach.(Children want you to build a tree house for them, but they want to live without you in it.)
  6. Built a strong experience architecture for you kids.
  7. You are the best father and the father in you if you do not even despise him.
  8. If you have time, think of your own father.
  9. Communication starts with listening.
  10. Listen, if your child speaks and look toward what it does – it wants to know what you think of it – it wants to please you, only you.
VäterClub Köln 2006

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