Psychology: Suicide and why it happens…

Why do successful people commit suicide sometimes?

Annette Smith, a smart professional women on Quora wrote following statement and  I agree absolutely and that is the reason why I quote her now. She said: „Suicide is a feature of mental illness. Dying from suicide is essentially no different than dying of a heart attack. It is the fact that a depressed person feels the stigma of mental illness so strongly that they feel they can’t ask for help that sets it apart. If I had cancer, I could get all the support I needed from family, doctors and friends, but since I am ‚just‘ mentally ill, I am supposed to deal with it in the dark, without help.
A person with a tumor is understood, a person who is ‚mentally unbalanced‘ or ‚crazy‘ is not. It is this lack of acceptance of depression as an illness that needs to be treated that can lead to the extreme of the illness – suicide.
Sufferers don’t know how to ask for help, and loved ones either don’t know the person needs help, or have no idea what help to give. It is a painful situation for everyone“.

„Fight stigma, and you will be fighting against suicide“.

Follow the instructive discussion on Quora
Why do successful people commit suicide sometimes?

Alexei Jawlensky (1864-1941)
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