Bloody Days in Cairo’s City

Actually theire are 13 dead and more than 1,300 injured
violence is going to escalated
disastrous images are witnessing the onset of civil war.

Today in Cairo is anarchy and chaos, marauding hooligans and pro-Maburack followers, armed with knives and sticks, make hunting on foreigners. One foreigner was beaten to death on the Tahrir Squarer, who is jet unknown.  Awful images go around the world. Escalation is still going on. All over gunfire in the air. Journalists are deliberately attacked and beaten, many foreign journalists arrested and the equipment destroyed or confiscated.

Tahrir Square / Getty Images
There flying stones and there are gun and pistol shots. The military continues to behave apathetic – which is to be expected from a military dictatorship? They have decide not to stay on the side of the protesters. The egyptian crisis will be the fire sample on Obamas foreign policy visions.
Dr.Hamed Abdel-Samed, German political Scientist living in Munich and born in Egypt is very disappointed, mainly because of the ambivalent behavior of the European Union and the United States. Samed stated that the chance is not used to forced the democratic movement in Egypt. Now Egypt is the 10th strongest army in the world and Mubaraks country is highly upgraded with weapons. The tear  gas  cartridges, which was used against the demonstrators last friday come from the USA. The Nile Delta is shaken, the youth does not want to take their fate back and shape their own destiny.


Foto AP Victoria Hazou

Cairo square chaos intensifies, violence spreads

(via AP) CAIRO – Another bout of heavy gunfire and clashes erupted Thursday around dusk in the Cairo square at the center of Egypt’s anti-government chaos, while new looting and arson spread around the capital. Gangs of thugs supporting President Hosni Mubarak attacked reporters, foreigners, and human rights workers and the army rounded up foreign journalists.

Another round of heavy gunfire rang out in central Tahrir Square, where Mubarak supporters and opponents have been fighting for more than 24 hours. At least one wounded person was carried out. At least eight people have been killed since the clashes erupted Wednesday afternoon.

Foto by NewYorkTimes

Security officials said a fire is raging in a major supermarket outside Sheikh Zayed, a suburb of the capital, and looters were ransacking the building. Another building much closer to the square and next to a five-star hotel tower overlooking the Nile River was also on fire.

The officials said other fires have erupted in the Cairo district of Shubra, north of the center. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Awful video: Military vehicle speeds down street, knocking over protesters:


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