Nightmare in Egypt

Nightmare in the early morning
at Cairo’s Tahris Square
3rd february

Reuters Top News
Reuters Reuters Top News
FLASH: Pro-Mubarak supporters seen carrying knives, sticks moving towards Cairo’s Tahrir square – witness #Egypt #Jan25
BBC Breaking News
BBCBreaking BBC Breaking News
Supporters of President Hosni Mubarak carrying sticks and knives seen moving towards Tahrir Square in Cairo, from Reuters
via BBC (more)

Like a civil war. Tanks on the roads in Cairo. 4 a clock in the morning gun schoots in the air, 5 dead and more then 1,500 injuries, „this was an action to intimitate the protesters“, recognized the press speaker of president Obama Robert Gibs in the morning conference. Sustained bursts of fire lasted for two hours as anti-government demonstrators tried to stay in control of the square. „Most of the casualties were the result of stone throwing and attacks with metal rods and sticks. At dawn today there were gunshots,“ Health Minister Ahmed Samih Farid told.

Far from Egypt and the hotspot of the revolution, we are all afraid about the current situation and the dangerous development. The administration in the US are very clear about this issue, but the european leaders responds apathetic and unsatisfactory  for  Egyptian democracy movement. The political performance of German Foreign Minister Westerwelle and the the European Union is scandalous and shameful. The change must start now, thats very clear. But Mubarak is not listening, on the Tahrir Square we see tanks and egyptian soldiers, what shall they do against the violence and horrible behave of the pro-Mubarak „agente provocateurs“? We will see in the morning and in lunch time today. This is absolutely horrible!

  1. 0851: Protesters say they have „detained“ 120 police and Mubarak loyalists, Reuters reports. A protest organiser showed the news agency two ID cards of people who tried to infiltrate the protest camp.
  1. 0946: The lack of internet over five days has cost Egypt $90m (£55m), according to the OECD.
  2. 0944: Stephen Farrell, New York Times correspondent tweets: „Sense of waiting for later. Copters circle, people rest.At most 300 pro-govt in Riyad Sq, the Tahrir front line. Maybe 100 antis. #egypt.“
  3. 0842: But a cabinet spokesman Magdy Rady has insisted to Reuters that the government had no role in mobilising pro-Mubarak groups. „To accuse the government of mobilising this is a real fiction. That would defeat our object of restoring the calm.“
  4. 0838: Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has apologised for attacks on protesters on Wednesday: „This is a fatal error, and when investigations reveal who is behind this crime and who allowed it to happen, I promise they will be held accountable and will be punished for what they did,“ he says on Al-Hayat TV. „There is no excuse whatsoever to attack.
    matthew cassel
    matthew cassel
    Caught a rock to the head thrown by a thug, ain’t no thing. The revolution continues.
    They’ve developed a pulley system to get stones to those on bridge, while some just hit metal against metal like a war drum.
    This is an incredibly effective resistance movement armed only with stones. Everyone had a job even tho no reap chain of command.
    Pro dictatorship shooting fireworks at anti. Anti has mostly taken 6 October bridge.
    Clashes at a couple entrances to tahrir. Only stones really. Inside square ppl resting, playing music.
    At front lines, thugs throwing stones across small no mans land at anti Mubarak protesters.
    This is the revolution.
    A LOT of people injured but still volunteering and chanting against dictatorship.
    Back in tahrir, looks like occupied Palestine after an israeli invasion. People strong still chanting against Mubarak, some sleeping.
    „We are not leaving until Mubarak leaves“ AJE’s interview with @monasosh
    Neutrality would’ve been the army stopping Mubarak’s thugs from attacking demonstrators. The army has clearly taken a side.

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