Holy Friday on Cairo’s Tahrir Square

صلاة الجمعة

Freitagsgebet * Friday prayers * La prière du vendredi 



Sandmonkey Sandmonkey
The scene of Tahrir right now is incredible. Millions of people praying. Reverence. Very powerful. It looks like Mecca in haj.#jan25
Sultan Al Qassemi
SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
via wildebees
The Meydan Tahrir Friday sermon preacher holding a mic as he leads the largest prayers in Africa & the world todayhttp://yfrog.com/gy4cxmij
Jonathan Rugman
jrug Jonathan Rugman
Big crowd praying in front of banner reading „people demand removal of the regime“. Accuse me of going native, but it IS very moving
Al Arabiya English
AlArabiya_Eng Al Arabiya English
Tahrir square completely packed and thousands still joining:http://goo.gl/SLjyq #Egypt #Cairo #Mubarak #Jan25 #Jan28
hmikail Hassan MIKAIL  von Sandmonkey
Tahrir Square is hosting the biggest freedom festival this planet has ever scene! #jan25 #egypt
Hossam عمو حسام
3arabawy Hossam عمو حسام
there must b at least half a million protesters in the square and we haven’t even started! #jan25

Very upbeat atmosphere in#tahrir. Peaceful, friendly, welcoming, dedicated, determined. This is the real#Egypt.

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