Letter by Larry Kurnarsky

Guest Post
Letter to the editor about an article in the Huffington Post and the current situation on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and the escalating violence
by Larry Kurnarsky

“So chaos looms. Anyone believe that this violent turn wasn’t orchestrat ed by Mubarak with, quite likely, the CIA as his er,,, advisors? Note how few main-strea m Western news organizati ons are making the effort to connect the obvious dots. Journalist s are not decision-m akers.

In order to make the claim stick, Mubarak hired thugs and dressed his detested police in civvies to attack the anti-Mubar ak forces that, until they were forced to either retreat or fight, conducted themselves with dignity, restraint, and peacefully . Obviously, they wouldn’t go without a fight and it was looking like they would hold their ground, despite growing numbers of injuries and deaths.

That, from the point of view of the dictator, was unfortunat e. But what he wanted to accomplish he accomplish ed. Now with the cooperatio n, if not the overt complicity , of the Western government s, who’d kept him in power for over three decades, he had a straw they could grasp while still covering their vitals with a democratic fig leaf: Chaos. Watch as Obama and his internatio nal friends make tut-tut-tu t sounds. Unpleasant though it may have to be, a crack down now is better than descent into chaos. Public safety is numeral uno for any government . No?

But, it seems, public safety for journalist s is way down the list. Ridding himself of them was his next order of business. That has largely been accomplish ed as has shutting off the hated Internet and cell phones. Next, on to part 3 of the plan.” (Huffington Post)

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