11.2.11 Bye Bye Mubarak

Guest Post:
Bye Bye Mubarak

A wonderful video, so full of atmosphere and warm ….Bye Bye Mubarak was shot by the filmmaker and producer Ramy Rzkallah from Cairo.I found the video in my Timeline on Twitter. The video is exceptional, it shows the amazed people of Cairo with its number tiny, insignificant gestures, with their enthusiastic look, the gleam in their eyes – a huge contrast to the civil war scenes from Black Wednesday on 2nd February.
Look and enjoy!

[‚Bye Bye Mubarak‘ video shot by Egyptian filmmaker Ramy Rizkallah]

by Ramy Rizkallah postet Fri, Feb 11, 2011 4:25pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
„For the first time in 7000 years or more, egyptians peacfully were able to overthrow their Dictator. No one in Egypt could’ve imagined this happening. I shot this 20 minutes after the VP announced the president’s departure, people are chanting that the army and the people are one hand and the army closed the road to help people celebrate. I just witnessed history. I shot this on a high ISO so please excuse the noise in the Video“.

Ramy Rizkallah
Ramy Rizkallah:  

People of Egypt have changed Egypt.
Let us celebrate and go home work and change
this country to it’s rightful place.




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