classroom of the future

What will the Classroom look like in the Future?

I post this question first on Quora and I asked examples for new face-to-face and virtual classrooms! What would be the new role of the teachers inside this new world? There are many interesting answers and examples. In the following my points to this issue:

  1. The Cretaceous period is over, interactive boards are moved into place.
  2. In height adjustable tables and chairs are part of standard equipment.
  3. The school furniture is flexible and mobile.
  4. Before each lesson, students can decide for yourself organized on the way in which they follow the lessons.
  5. Each student has an interactive, non-territorial student’s workplace.
  6. Students decide whether they stand or sit.
  7. The classroom of the future is multifunctional.

more answers on Quora here


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