Death of a parent in childhood

„What are the long term psychological effects of death of a parent during childhood?“ via Quora

Adultry as an effect of death of mother in childhood?

hi, i’m an artist and i try to understand something about myself and at the same time use the information for my art.
i lost my mother (leucymia) at the age of almost 8 years old, i’m the eldest of three children. my father remarried 5 months later his secretary and we moved away from the family. i never cried about the loss of my mother (until the age of 40), was always very strong and felt reponsable for my brother and sister. my father didn’t look much after us, he let my stepmother watch over us. there was absolutely no room for moarning (? english is not my language), we were told not to tell that my stepmother wasn’t our real mother etc. anyway, in therapy during university and in my forties i came to understand that people with a lack of affection in childhood will always look for this unconditional parent-love everywhere and will never be really satisfied. i’m 54 years old, i’m married to a man i love and with whom i have the live i love, but still i have this naîve idea of overwhelming love etc and because of that i’m sensitive to other men. as you can understand i try to understand this and at the same time i wonder if psychological research has shown that maybe ther is a corrolation between adultry and lack of affection in childhood? thank you christine

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