Si Alhir (Sinan Si Alhir)

In Strategy, Leadership and the Soul: Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection for a Global Economy, Jennifer Sertl (@jennifersertl) of Agility3R and Koby Huberman of Strategic Landscapes describe agility „from the outside“ as „the ability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances“ and also describe agility as „composed [that is, from the inside] of resilience, responsiveness and reflection“.

The book starts with the „3 big ideas“ of Strategy (Invent the future), Leadership (Create synergistic relationships), and Soul (Internal and external harmony) and explores the evolution of organizations coupled with leadership and strategy. The book introduces the Transorganization, an organization that is in a „state of permanent transformation“, its soul, „the intrinsic corporate identity that underlies all that it does“, and the Transleader, „the CEO or COO or perhaps the Board Chairman of the transorganization“ who has „taken responsibility for themselves at the very deepest level, and their leadership…

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