Teaching Man S…

Teaching Man

Students want good teachers without mistake
Whose endless temper is as ocean’s shore
Not like the bad whose wrath makes students shake.
But what we want? Mere humans, nothing more.
They follow handbooks like dogs of the blind,
And like lazy students they do wait for recess,
However they should love sharpen student‘s mind.
But what we want? Only humans, nothing less.
In class, by nature laughter should evolve
Till the end is told by the heaven’s bells,
No stress or home work that we have to solve.
But they too are just humans, nothing else.
The good and bad, all teachers have their flaw,
But they do the best of the luck they draw.

Schüler einer 11.Klasse hat dieses Gedicht „Teaching Man“ geschrieben via  Jochen, veröffentlicht am 3. Februar 2013


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