Dario Fo: Populista vs. Damagogista

Poco prima della rivoluzione – by Dario Fo

„A lot of people are writing to me and telephoning, and there are even those who come up to me in the street to ask me: “but don’t you think that Grillo, apart from his talent, is in fact a populist?

Hang on a minute – I say – do you know the meaning of the term “populist”?
The dictionary says that a populist is one who wants to improve the situation of the people so that they can escape from the violence, the blackmail and the exploitation of the ruling class. Thus it is a positive term and it is completely the opposite of the other term: demagogue. Perhaps those people who casually use the term ‘populist‘ to denigrate an opponent, should go back to the dictionary and look up the word “demagogue” and they would find that it means ‘a person who uses well thought out hypocrisy to exploit the naïvety of a population to gain unwarranted advantage’.
Thus, dear friends, you have got the wrong term.
Now, it’s good practice when you are describing the behaviour of someone like Grillo, to know the meaning of the term that you choose.
Now take care. What I’m talking about is not just me being pedantic about words, but it’s something that insists on paying serious attention to the knowledge of the language.
Thus we are talking about having a very serious attitude when we are talking about a dialectical discussion.
This attention to detail is important especially nowadays, when all the media, the parties and above all the wise men of politics, the ones that say they understood everything about the new protest movement right from the start, now find that they are completely lost while sitting on the ground in the middle of the pile of shit which is the real world. These people either all together in chorus or on their own as soloists have been chanting their verdicts, so convinced that it was a matter of a bit of buffoonery without any political coherence. They scoffed: “We have already seen the exploits of the ‘ordinary man’ and the protest movements in 1968… they came into being and just as fast they exploded and smashed to pieces at their first encounter with reality.
The reason for those ephemeral meteors is doubtless the simple-mindedness of a generic protest, not backed up by even the tiniest bit of political analysis, but mixed up in the usual anarchic hotchpotch that has seen unrealistic characters like Lenin or the usual followers of Amadeo Bordiga, the caricatures of popular leaders, like Cola of Rienzo andMasaniello, who in fact ended up being lynched by their own supporters.
What happened at the end of an election campaign in which the conduct of all the parties was, to say the least, atrocious, and then when you think of the 5 Star Movement, it came out with a success that was way beyond every expectation.
I myself who have been experiencing things from inside the MoVement, I was just astonished by the final result. An event of this magnitude has never before happened in the whole of Europe. For someone not to understand that, means that they are completely obtuse.
Unfortunately in politics we have a heap of puffed up imbeciles who reckon they can sort out their simple-mindedness by winking and using little tricks.
Right now we are witnessing something like the dance of the stunned “tarlocchi”.

I’m sorry for you, dear masters of scornful gestures, but this time the dance is a different one. The orchestra, the musicians and the dancers have changed. It’s no longer “tango casquè” but “Rock”. (sung grammelot)
with anyone who is acting like a crafty fox and who stretches out their hands too much towards their backsides, being thrown into the air.“ (sung grammelot)
by Dario Fo 6.march 2013 via beppe grillo

Großartig – was in Italien passiert, es gleicht einem Wunder und doch ist es das Ergebnis von harter Arbeit. Seit 2005 mobilisiert Beppe Grillo, mit Hilfe von klugen Leuten, wie u.a. mit Dario Fo, Andrea Camillieri und Adriano Celantano eine Graswurzelbewegung, die der Jugend Italiens ein neues poltisches Zuhause gibt. Am Ende ist eine neue dritte Kraft im politischen Spektrum Italiens entstanden, jenseits der alten Sphären von rechts und links.

Es wird beispielhaft sein und Europa nachhaltig verändern, so wie immer wieder, das europäische Kulturleben, von Italien aus neu erfunden wurde. Es ist nicht ungefährlich, weil es gerade in Italien mafiose Kräfte gibt, die um ihre angemehmen „Wohnungen“ bangen müssen. Die Bewegung von Beppe Grillo bereitet gerade diesen Mächten unbehagen und sie werden der Jugend nicht kampflos das Spielfeld räumen, dass sie so lange unbekümmert bespielen konnten. Sie werden mit aller Macht versuchen die Kräfte mittels Bestechung aufzuweichen.

Das Programm der MoVimento  5 Stelle umfasst 20 Punkte, zwei will ich hervor heben, da ist einmal die Forderung nach einer Wahlreform und zweitens einer Reform der Parteienfinanzierung. Luigi P. Barsani wird diesen Forderungen nur untergeordnete Wichtigkeit zu gestehen und am Ende eine Regierung der sog. „nationalen Einheit“ mit der Partei Berlusconi’s suchen – eine große Koalition. Er wird, gegen besseres Wissen vor Reformen zurück schrecken, die längst überfällig sind.

mehr zum Thema via: Petra Reski, Ulrike Guérot, Lutz Klinghammer, Thomas Hauschild


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