Janusz Korczak: the teacher’s teacher

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Janusz Korczak is a hero of mine. Although I knew something of his Holocaust story from the Imperial War Museum’s Reflections teaching pack, it wasn’t until a visit to Warsaw in 2007 that I came to understand the breadth and depth of Korczak’s character. He is a truly inspirational individual and the more I found out about him, the more I grew to love this amazing man. I have used him in my teaching of the Holocaust as his story is incredibly touching and generates some intense and thoughtful discussion among students.

„You will never understand children if you ignore their qualities“ (1)

Henryk Goldsmidt was born in Warsaw in 1878. He took the pen name Janusz Korczak after a famous hero of Polish literature. A man of many talents, Korczak was a paediatrician, successful author and radio personality. In addition to this, he ran two orphanages in Warsaw; one for…

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