Story telling – is not a question of figures

it’s only a question about emotions!
look at this spot ..

Though this is obviously a publicity stunt, but this 3 minutes video has touched hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. So what’s in the video that makes it so special?

Reunion is a video about a father (a Hindu) telling her daughter about his childhood friend (a Muslim) who got separated due to partition of India based on religion into India and Pakistan. He recalls the golden memories and is tearful that he never got another opportunity to even hear his voice after the partition. The daughter then uses Google resources (the ad bits..) to contact this friend and invite him to give a surprise to his father as a birthday present.

The reason it touched everyone’s heart is due to the deeper essence in the video. It shows how partition, which happened to satisfy certain people’s love and greed for power and ego, affected millions of common men. It shows how this decision tore families apart, and created a separation between the best of friends – in a matter of a day. It shows how circumstances forced people to leave their homes, ancestral land, etc and migrate to a different area. It shows how people had to break valuable bonds, sacrifice love and carry all the heavy emotions as mere memories – which when cherished would remind them about the bitterness of partition and separation and bring pain, sadness and tears.
It shows how friendship is much larger than religion or country, being one of the rare entities that becomes more precious with time, unaffected how one has changed in age or appearance. It shows that greatest gifts are not what money can buy, but some intangible things that gives eternal happiness. And finally it shows that there still exists something inside a human that is ready to overlook artificial boundaries created by man, that only emotions can express and that has a potential to make ahomo sapien human.(via Quora)



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