that lesson is goed enough – never give in

There is a story of the great war-time United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill, being invited back to his old school Harrow in England to give a speech to the current student body. The headmaster of the time encouraged all the students to bring notebooks and pencils so they could take notes from Winston’s speech, because Winston was considered to one of the great orators of his time. Winston by this time was an old man well into his retirement years. Winston sat in the armed chair provided as the headmaster made the introductions and encouragements to the student body to note the key points from Winston’s speech.

After the introduction and polite applause, Winston struggled to his feet and shuffled to the lectern. Silence fell as Winston looked over his thick black rimmed glasses and surveyed the room of fresh faced keen students with pencils ready to record the key notes of his speech.

Winston cleared his throat and began his address in a slow deliberate and pause punctuated but clear voice ….

„Never give in … Never … Never … Never give in“.

He turned and headed back to his chair having given those students the most important lesson they would need to lead a successful life. That lesson is good enough for me too.


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