Rediscovering Nature’s Paradigm, Part II

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Creative by Nature


The Core Ideas of Systems Theory

The systems model presented here postulates that unity and creativity are the fundamental characteristics of our Universe, and that Nature’s Systems are everywhere. Such a perspective encourages us to draw from our knowledge of creative processes, to think in the metaphors of activities like sports, games, gardening, weaving, building, music and dance. The wisdom of our spiritual traditions begins to make more sense. Our values and priorities can begin to shift. All areas of social and individual activity could be profoundly effected by a model of the Universe that presents humans as creative participants in nature, and the entire Cosmos as a continuously unfolding tapestry of activity.

To make the ideas of systems theory easier to understand, we can organize them into two separate (but fundamentally related) categories, what we might call the Unifying and Creative Properties of Natural Systems. Each word or idea…

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