„cringing caution“ by Vaclav Havel – 8 May 1995

„The cringing caution which many of us were so good at showing both after Munich and during the Nazi occupation and later under Communism must never again be our national programme. We have to build on something else: on love for freedom and justice, on respect for human dignity, and on the ability to prove the validity of these feelings, if need be, by concrete deeds. In other words, the values which we need now are the very qualities which were demonstrated by all the men and women to whom we give our thanks today and whose memory we honor.“

„The choices of the 1930s are the same choices we face again today. Do we remain true to the foundational values of our European democracy? Or do we make a „deal“, a deal that will ultimately return us to the chaos of the past? The choice is ours, Europe’s.“ 

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves from Estonia the full  Speech Gedansk 7 may 2015 

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