Poetry and Truth – Train on the way to Germany?

The Dutch writer Leon de Winter send above Tweet today. He writes „Migrants in transit from Hungary to Germany calling Allahu Akbar“. It is horrible and my question to him was, is this an authentic video and in which train this video is taken.

So far I received no answer to my request. In the section of the comments I have found the following translations and comments. I believe this is not a documentary which show us, what happened inside one of the transit trains to Germany in the current crisis. But it is a clear example as agitators managing this issue, stire up and serving fear , by the way.

I have no doubt that in the wake of the refugee treks to Europe form Syria some religious fanatics received access to Germany – people with not so good intentions. We should be alert and not naive about it. 

(translation what they are screaming, first interpretation)
Oh Allah make their children orphans
Oh Allah make their wives life hard
Oh Allah make their children orphans
Oh Allah grant victory to Islam and Muslims everywhere
Oh Allah help our weakened brothers in Palestine
Allah Akbar
Their is no god but Allah
The Zionists are the enemy of Allah
There is no god but Allah
The martyrs are beloved by  (Translation)


(second translation)
Thank Allah for providing us all a new home. Let the Prophet, peace be upon him, help us integrate into a new culture and learn German fluently. Allah help us be productive and caring citizens and help us to love the progressive society we are entering. Help us, O prophet, to be accepting of gay people, Christians, women’s rights, and democracy. Allahu Ackbar, may peaceful democracy soon prevail in the Middle East so that we can move back home after ISIS is defeated. Praise Allah and praise the generous German people. (translation)

Has the source of this video been confirmed? If this is an immigrant train going to Germany, why does it look like there are ordinary European citizens on there too? The content of the video is bad enough, don’t discredit it by mixing in disinfo. We’re fighting a war here, whose side are you on uploader? It is vital that this video is seen by as many Europeans as possible, but if you put a misleading title, it could damage the credibility of those on the front lines trying to spread the truth of what’s happening to our continent. – It doesn’t even look like a long distance train. More like a subway/light rail/metro/whatever, or even a bus.

This is from a video that’s a few years old, and it was supposedly recorded in France, not Germany. It doesn’t even look like a „refugee train“; you’d typically find that sort of pole on light rail or subway.

First that is not a train,at least not a train in Europe (looks more like a street car or a bus);  second it is still summer in Germany and they are all wearing gloves, scarves and hats. „They are just prying for better life if u listen to what their saying .

They are just saying may God make it easy for them on this journey and Alahu Akaber means God is greater so don“t be scared when you Muslims say Alahu Akabar because even Christian Arabs say Alahu Akbar . You have to understand the Arabic language is very rich and praising God is just part of the language. Even the muslims who don’t practice Islam who drink alcohol and do bad things still praise God that’s just part of the culture and the language people do it because its custom and the west think Oh God they are saying Alahu Akbar so they must be after us, but no they are not…“

ALSO…..this footage is a few years old and has nothing to do with the current crisis.

This video is deliberate misinformation and whoever uploaded it oughta be ashamed of themselves for being cowards and liars.


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