Why I start to enjoy running?

Two years ago a nice girlfriend of me asked me if I would participate in a 24 hour relay race, I do not hesitated and agree spontaneously to cooperate with. There was already many years ago that I ran the last time. Like many of my contemporaries, I had gathered all attribute of a motionless life at me, and when I went more than three stairs up in the hospital, I was short of breath and felt not really fit.

So the question was a wonderful opportunity to learn to run again. I’ve done it and I run. Now every week 3-4 times, 90 minutes each. That feels good.

I realize the following benefits outside of good health.

Things I noticed:
  1. It becomes therapeutic – a lot of issues before a long run tend not to bother you when you finish
  2. It builds confidence – when you start to beat personal bests or run up big hills – suddenly that deadline doesn’t seem all that bad
  3. It becomes a form of meditation – You start to see things differently or interpret then in other ways.
  4. It builds patience – Following up from point 3, The hyper opinionated person suddenly becomes a lot easier to deal with.

Achim Achilles is one of my favorite homepages about running [link]


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