What the kids should learn in school?


Q: What the kids should learn in school?

A: My Answer –

IMO, thinking about this question as family consultant and also as father, there are three main points I would fix:

  1. What the kids should learn in school is mostly negligible in the long term.
  2. What the kids should learn from their parents is mostly only important in the short term.
  3. What the kids should learn from their friends is invaluable important for the whole time of life.

Most of what the kids learn they discover by themselves and from their best  friends.
When I think back to my teaching days, then the influence of the school was much less than the cost of the operation then to teach me.
So, my main answer of your question is: We shall open the space for learning but let the kids decide self what they discover.
This means, quite radically, we are less concerned with the children and more need to worry about the learning circumstances.
I am absolutely convinced, the stability of a strong learning architecture is more important than the content. Content are interchangeable, architecture is forever.
Today, I’m trying not to betray my children the secret of learning.
I try to keep the space free that my kids discover it by them self.
My principle, less is more.
We do not spoil the children’s appetite to learn, by bad teaching, bad books, worthless content. I call it the discovery of the spirit of learning.
My maxim as a father: understanding, trust, forgiveness and waive.
(verstehen, vertrauen, verzeihen und verzichten“)

As teacher i think the most important thing you should teach respectively show are:

  1. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.
  2. That there is no teaching that is free of pain.
  3. You teach always the parents and parents need relief, and that’s your job.
  4. Looking at the kids not as a friend, of a partner of you but as the best coach
  5. Built a strong experience and lerarn architecture
  6. Let the kid discover here world
  7. Show what you can and do not deny your own shortcomings.
  8. If you have time, think about your own teachers.
  9. Communication starts with listening.
  10. Be precise, clear, do not hesitate, either direct and confident in your criticism.

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