A list of suggestions

  • Actually write down your goals.
  • Actively seek out your idols and those you wish to emulate, many will engage.
  • Your intuition is more reliable than you might think.
  1. Love to find a new partner, try to be fair, but not perfect
  2. Love my failures an my procrastination
  3. Love to be my own father and accept to be motherless
  4. Love to play piano nonperfect
  5. Love to improve my language knowledge
  6. Love to run my first half-marathon
  7. Love to bike from the roman castell „Saalburg“ on the hills
    of the Taunus via „Mogontiacum“ (Mainz) to Roma in 2013
  8. Love to take my first paragliding experience in the spring of 2013
  9. Love to stay for a couple of days in Paris
  10. and last not least to stay a couple of weeks in the south of Europe, maybe between Italy and Spain